January 8, 2009

1998 Cameron C-80


Concept Style 80 (80,000 cf.)

-Manufactured April 1998

-242.25 Hrs. TT

-Kevlar Cables

-Hyperlast Parachute

Flew 11/23/08 with pilot plus 2 for 1 hour and used approx. 18.5 gallons of propane.


-Cameron Sport Style 42X50

-Mark IV Single Burner

-Two 15 Gallon SS Tanks w/ Tank Covers

-Ball 655 Instruments

-Fire Extinguisher

-Tool Pouch

-Vinyl “down” style cover

Originally flown under a Cameron V-77 and has approximately 280hrs. TT on basket.

 This balloon was my first balloon and is a TOTAL BLAST to fly, but in order to continue upward in my ballooning career I need to move up to a bigger system. She flies really well and still looks fantastic!

Full system: WAS $8,000 NOW $7,500

Envelope Only: WAS $5,000 NOW $4,500

System sold with fresh annual. Buyer pays for shipping.

Contact: Mike Elder