September 25, 2007
1992 Cameron O-65 298 hours TT
Top 1/3 HYPERLAST, One Turning Vent, Very Striking and Colorful Balloon, Kevlar Suspension Lines, Envelope is wired for Ball instruments

This balloon was used for a race and some training. I bought the full system for the lower end. The envelope was an added bonus. Now you can put it to good use.. It's in good condition. I would keep flying it but I just bought a Lindstrand 90 and that's what I will use for training and my ride business.

Flown four times with a student and averaged 19 gallons of propane after one hour in a 85-90 degree temps; alone, expect better fuel consumption.

I can SHIP this envelope for around $125 anywhere in the country using Forward Air Trucking... check for a terminal near you...

The first
$2,750 gets it or call me with your BEST offer

I'd like to sell this in the next two weeks so I can buy a trailer so I guess you can say I'm

Doug Robertson
(I live in Bowling Green, KY)
or email me