Refrigerator Magnet…

This has been the best marketing tool for ballooning I have ever explored. Everyone loves fridge magnets. I created mine at the end of the season last year. I gave less than 100 out to passengers and friends. I sold a ride just last week based solely on my fridge magnet.

Here’s the story… During a holiday party, my new fridge magnet was displayed on my friend’s refrigerator in the kitchen, that’s where parties always end up. One of his guests noticed my magnet. He asked my friend about the balloon magnet. Long story short, he went to my website and called me. I hung up the phone after selling a four passenger ride. Like most people, he never knew how to get a balloon ride. Now he does.

I love balloon pins. But I have never sourced any balloon pin to a paid ride. Think about it. Have you ever lost a balloon pin? As pilots we keep them. We collect them. We trade them. We put the pins in special places and forget about them. But if you are a passenger, you may lose your balloon pin; or you may just forget where it is. The fridge magnet is constant reminder advertising for you. It never leaves the fridge. It never stops selling.

Display them in break rooms of banks, schools, factories, offices, etc. --any place where people gather. Yes, they will get stolen. That’s the beauty of the fridge magnet. Even though someone takes it from one fridge, it ends up on another fridge somewhere else. It never stops working for you. Ask your friends to help you out by putting these in their places of work and worship. Who knows where it will end up?

If you are looking for a proven advertising investment, think about a fridge magnet.  I can honestly say, I’ve never thrown away a fridge magnet. I’ve retired some into a drawer. But I’ve have never thrown one away. You will love this easy, colorful and creative form of advertising.

I design them. I manufacture them. I ship them to you. Email me for a template and instructions for getting you a quote. All in all, it will be about half the cost of a balloon pin. So let me create one for you. Your beautiful 3D fridge magnet will sell for you as long as people own refrigerators.


Doug Robertson