Updated July 2, 2008


This vehicle was custom built in 1997 as a purpose built vehicle for one of our corporate clients. It was used to transport hot air balloons around the United States. In the last few years it has operated between Boise and Eastern Oregon.

It is a Navette (French) /Ford Chassis with a custom built coach and interior at a "new" cost of $179,000 USD.

It has a Ford "Super Diesel" Engine, automatic transmission and an air ride system. It has always been maintained with highest regard to reliability.

It features a rear "roll up" door with a "Tommy Lift" that leads to a 12 foot storage area in the rear of the coach.

The interior is done in white leather with oak wood work. The bathroom, also trimmed in oak is functional. It has a fridge, TV, microwave, generator, mirrored ceiling and lots of closet space.

For complete set of images see : www.lighterthanairamerica.com/forsale.html


This is a custom vehicle and for the right person(s) it could be a great one to own ... if you're looking for a reliable rig to use “locally” in your ballooning operation this one will serve you well.

It has served us well over the years and can do the same for you but it should not be considered for a “hard mileage” operation. (It would simply be to costly to operate). Use it for local and regional (to area balloon rally’s) and you’ll enjoy the comfort and ride it offers just fine. If you’re thinking about a 4-door pickup, you really need to give this rig consideration for the extras it can provide over a standard truck.

Still reading ? OK, good.

You will be required to remove or cover the bus wrap graphics currently on the vehicle. The color underneath is a PPG Bahama Blue. You could over wrap the existing wrap and do your own graphics "Go Team" or “Joe Bob’s Balloon Adventure”, etc ....

The vehicle has 173,000 miles on it and still doesn't burn a quart of oil in a 1,000 miles. It runs strong. Tires are in great shape as is the transmission.

It has been on task and just returned. As I mentioned earlier, I'd climb in it tomorrow and drive it to Florida with no worries. (it does need a good interior cleaning which we will certainly take care of prior to sale). However, again please note - The cost to run an exotic like this around the country from a maintenance aspect, would be prohibitive.

Last (and most important) This is a fun rig to drive. As you can see from the pictures it is a very "unique shape". Unlike most RV's this rig is a dream in a head or tail wind. (Not so much in a cross wind). It gets about 13 miles to the gal.

The vehicle is sold as is, where it is ... there is no warranty.

If you're looking for something fun, unique and versatile that will grab attention where ever you drive ... please contact me at 208-375-0512 (days) or at 208-890-2670 (evenings) to arrange a look.

Please, serious buyers only. Don't wait. When we have released other of our "Balloon" RV's they have sold quickly. Feel free to call now ! This one is the last in our fleet.

So, if you're still reading …

WAS $25,900 NOW $19,900 OBO

but I love reasonable offers.

Thanks for looking.