July 1, 2008

1994 Lindstrand 77A

190 hrs.
I bought this balloon with the intentions of coating it with Barry D's, "Koala Coating." I brought it to my local repair station and had it tested for porosity and pull strength. The results were obviously poor for porosity, which is perfect for coating, the more porous the better! SUPERB pull strength. It pulled to 47 lbs on the top row of panels. Koala Coating only requires 33 lbs to be a suitable candidate for the coating.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to coating it because I'm still in college and next to broke. The procedure will cost about $1500 to complete. Afterwards, the balloon should have a nice long life like that of a new envelope with a fresh coating.

The envelope has a parachute top, pulley assist red line, steel cables and 4 steel carabiners, nomex scoop and first row of panels and is just a bright and beautiful balloon.

Shipping should cost no more than $150 anywhere in the Continental US

$1,600 OBO

Contact BJ at 518-260-6612