To submit a free ad here please just email me at: Send in as many pictures of the item and you need and the info you would like to have in the listing and I will get it up as soon as I can get it up on the site. If you list something here and it sells please let me know so I can delete it from the list. If your item sells and you feel my site helped it sell I would appreciate very much a donation to help keep this site going. This of course is NOT mandatory....just appreciated. To make this a little easier I have been requested by several people to put up a PayPal donation button. Now you can do this by clicking the button below.

Now if you Must have a listing up the same day you send it in I will do it for a fee of $50. If you have more than one listing you need up I do have a price breakdown below. You must have the listing to me by 7:00 p.m. EST and the listing will be up on the site by 11:59 p.m. the day you request it unless I cannot get to my computer for any reason like I am out of town or on vacation. In cases like that you need to check the "What's New" area of the site to see what my availability is. If I have not listed reasons I am not around to do a listing then click the "Buy Now" button below and then email me photos and the text for the listing at: If you would like your listing seen at the top of the catagory for the duration of the listing then I will also "FEATURE" your listing for $50 and keep the listing at the top of the catagory highlited in a different color until it sells or you ask me to de-list it. If more than one person wants to feature their equipment then it will be first come first served but ALL the featured items will stay at the top of the catagory with the free listings falling under the featured listings.

Listing price breakdown

As for the duration of the listing. I will keep it up as long as you like. If your listing does not sell in a timely manner then you probably have it priced too high. I suggest updating the listing to generate interest.

I realize this site is free of charge to use but I would like to acknowledge the people that have made donations up to now and in the future. It really does help make this site what it has become. Thankyou VERY much!!

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