If you have bought a used balloon and would like to share your experience, feel free to share it here. Just send me your story and I will post it. I will not however post anything meant to cast anyone you might have had a bad experience with in a bad light. If you have come here to air out dirty laundry you have come to the wrong place. This is a place where potential buyers can learn from your experiences so please send in good, thought provoking stories.
Recommendations for buying a used balloon - By: David Tanzer
My recommendation for buying a used balloon is to arrange with the seller to have an annual inspection done.  The way I've done this is to find a mutually agreed upon repair station to use that is (generally) different from the repair station that the seller has been using (in order to get an objective opinion).  The way I've structured the deals I've done is that I agree to pay for the inspection if the balloon passes and no undisclosed problems are discovered.  If a problem comes up that wasn't disclosed and a resolution can't be reached, then the seller pays for the inspection and the deal is off.  This way of doing things encourages the seller to be honest, because they know that any undisclosed problems will likely be discovered making this exercise a waste of time for everyone.  In a nutshell, the buyer pays for an annual inspection which, although this may not be necessary, serves as a thorough pre-purchase inspection, but if the seller has either been less than honest or a genuine surprise comes up, then the seller just bought themselves an annual.
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